Frequently Asked Questions about IBS


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  1. Tina Filbert says:

    just found your page while looking for recipes for stewed prunes for my ibs-c. the acacia fiber i was taking quit working. thank you for your ibs info. did you post more info on what works for you in another section? perhaps i just didnt look far enough. a real life saver for me was finding young living’s Digize. stops those charley horse cramps in my intestines in their tracks. just a drop on your tongue, and relief. i also really watch/limit fat, greasy fried food.

    • Nana says:

      I’m glad that you have found this info helpful. I haven’t added any more to this section. IBS was the first thing that I was diagnosed with. Eventually I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and that is what I have been struggling with most in the last few years. What you are doing, looking to see what suggestions you can find and trying out to see what works for you, is the best way of managing your symptoms. The doctors sure don’t seem to have much helpful info – just drugs.

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