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Cheesecake Fresh Fruit Tarts

This is the perfect dessert to take to a function or gathering since the recipe makes lots, and they are as pretty as they are delicious. People always ask for the recipe! Cream together the 8 ounce package of cream...

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Cream Cheese Spread

Serve this sweet cream cheese spread alongside Easter Bread, or Sweet Italian Pannetone, or with any flavour of bagels, or even try it with muffins.

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Almond Ricotta Cheesecake

What? A cheesecake made without cream cheese? What’s up with that? Well, it turns out that ricotta cheese has less fat than the more traditional (for us) cream cheese. Many people, especially if they are of Italian descent, have only...

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Light Carrot Cake

This recipe is a lightened-up version of a favorite old recipe, and I have been making both for many years (depending on whether or not I was dieting or not).  Truthfully, I have been on and off of diets for...


Swedish Potatoes

Swedish Potatoes This is a make-ahead dish of creamy mashed potatoes. With cream cheese and sour cream beaten into it, and a crunchy bread topping, this was a favorite of my daughter Chrissy’s. Everybody likes these. Makes enough for 6...