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Multigrain Sourdough Bread 0

Multigrain Sourdough Bread

This has become my ultimate favourite everyday bread.  It’s especially delicious toasted, with the seeds providing a wonderfully nutty crunch.  I have been making this bread for years, and had to go back to update my recipe to add all...

Basic Sourdough Bread-013 2

Basic Sourdough Bread

This is a good, basic recipe for white sourdough bread.  It has the distinctive tangy taste of sourdough, with milk and butter providing a moist crumb and tender crust.  It rises well, and while it is denser than commercial bread, it is...

Tres Leches Cake-003 0

Tres Leches Cake

“Tres Leches” literally means “three milks”. A mixture of three different kinds of milk are poured over a baked cake to create this signature dessert from Mexico. I like to flavour the milk mixture with Amaretto and drizzle chocolate syrup...