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All About Sourdough

After reading over some of my posts on the subject of sourdough, I realize that I get going talking about the sourdough, and the actual recipe kind of gets lost in there.  So I have pulled out much of the...

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Sourdough Belgian Waffles

Belgian waffles originated at The Brussels World Fair Expo ’58, and were introduced in North America in 1962 at the Century 21 Exposition in Seattle. Belgian waffles typically are made with yeast, which makes them crispy on the outside, and...

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123 Pizza Dough

Quick, easy, and so delish!  This dough is my go-to for when I want to make pizza for just Steve and me, and maybe one friend.  It is just as easy doing it by hand as with the mixer.  Rises...


Quick-Rise Buns

These buns rise quicker than other yeast doughs, so you can make a batch in the morning and have them ready for lunch.  They are a good, all-purpose bun.  In fact, before I found the Honey Buttermilk Buns recipe, these...


Easter Bread

Rich and flakey from the eggs and butter, and flavored with brown sugar and orange, it is a traditional bread for Easter, but is good any time of the year. Delicious served with sweetened cream cheese (Pashka).