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A picture of my husband, Steve and I.

My husband, Steve and I.

Hi there. My name is Dawn, or Nana to my Grandkids. I love to cook, as did my Mom and my Nana. My grown children are always asking me for my recipe for one or another of their favorite dishes. I’ve been promising to put together a cookbook of my best recipes for a long time. Well, now is the time.

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How to navigate this site:  

Categories:  On this site, I have divided the recipes into the type of categories that you would find in the index of a cookbook.  If you are looking for a dessert, choose that category from the category drop-down list, and all of the recipes that I have in that category will show up.  

Search Box:  A better way to find recipes is using the search function.  Just enter a few key words of what you want to cook, for example, you could put in “turkey dressing”.  And voila, my recipe for sausage stuffing will appear.  

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 Two special categories have their own page.  Just click on the links below, or on the page tabs above if you want to see more about Traditional Family Favorites or IBS. 

1.  Traditional Family Favorites, which include recipes of my Nana’s my Mom’s and mine from when my kids were growing up.  You will find old standards like how to cook the perfect roast, how to roast a turkey, casseroles which were my go-to when money and time were both tight, basic cakes and cookies, and other odds and ends that have been part of my childhood as well as my kids’.  Go to the page tab, and there is lots of history and pictures.  Scroll to the bottom of that page, and you will find a clickable menu of blog posts and recipes that belong in this category.

2.  IBS.  Oh, my old friend Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  I had to learn how to cook and eat all over again.  I attempt to share my knowledge and insights with you about this condition, and how I survive it while still being able to enjoy food.  This was a real learning experience for me, and I hope that those of you who are also plagued with IBS will find it helpful.  As with the other category pages, if you scroll to the bottom you will find the clickable menu of blog posts and recipes that pertain to this topic.

Cooking has always been a labor of love for me.  Finally, I am organizing my recipes so I can share them with all who choose to read my blog, and eventually I will publish the recipes into books for my family, and anyone else who is interested.  On this site, I will share my journey of cooking, along with treasured family recipes, how-to’s and cooking tips. I invite you to join me, and hope that you and your family enjoy these recipes as much as we do!

If you would just like to see what’s cooking lately, go to the blog page where you will see all my latest posts.  I welcome your comments and input.  Enjoy!